Bar Style Dining Room Tables : Folding Table 18 X 72.

Bar Style Dining Room Tables

bar style dining room tables

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Chippy Antique Mosaic Plant Table

Chippy Antique Mosaic Plant Table

Anthropologie-style, old painted wooden plant table found at my favorite barn sale ... just begging for a face-lift!

The mosaic incorporates such COOL finds, including vintage buttons, handcut shards of vintage and antique china, beads, glass tile and gems. The black and cream plates are from mid-late 19th century England ... one is a Dresden transferware plate. Backstamps from three of the plates are included in the design. Tiny pieces of green Majolica-inspired pottery at the inner swirl add the tiniest bit of color, along with ruby-red highlights.

Complements any eclectic style of home decor ... and perfect for so many uses: fill it with house plants or herb garden, your holiday buffet set-up, stock with buckets of iced-down drinks, or use as a mini-bar for your next party ... charming in the dining room, on the deck or front porch.

Garage Sale umm...Chic? Style? How about just "Garage Sale"

Garage Sale umm...Chic?  Style?  How about just "Garage Sale"

I looked around my living room / dining room the other day and realized that almost everything I have in there was either free, from a garage sale or junk store, or very cheap. I don't know whether to be proud or concerned, but I have to admit I like it.

I don't know why I've gravitated to this "style" or habit. You'd think I was a tightwad or penny-pincher. I'm not, but I wish I were!

bar style dining room tables

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